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Hi, I'm Jessi K ...

What started off as a dream grew into this whole online persona called “The Jessi K Adventures”, where I not only write children’s books but also discuss my life as a mom, wife, and freelance writer. 


I currently write voluntarily for three magazines; Flourish Magazine, Feo Magazine, & Pretty Women Hustle (the blog). 


A lot of my freelance work is geared towards adults but my true passion is writing children’s books.

My full name is Jessica Kemp and I am the author of Never Too Far Away & the creator of “The Jessi K Adventures”. 


I was born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario before moving to Toronto in 2012. 


A graduate of the Child and Youth Care program at Ryerson University, I worked many years in child care before pursuing my dream of becoming a writer. 

Meet the ladies that helped me make this dream come true

Samantha Delaurier

Samantha Delaurier is a 19 year old second year student at Mohawk College enrolled in their 3D animation program. 


Through her high school years she also participated in 4 years of art classes and summer courses at Sheridan College.


Her interests are in horror movies, comic books and geckos, which she has 3 of.


This 19-year-old student is the incredible illustrator behind Never Too Far Away.

Chantelle Venter | ExecuStreet

Chantelle offers a number of services from Bookkeeping to Website design. She is a proud South African mother and spends a lot of time training new Virtual Assistants and Freelancers, and helping them start their online businesses. 


Our beautiful website, technical integrations, mailing list, and some social media pics all come from Chantelle. 


Chantelle has been the one holding me accountable and pushing to get the book ready and launched. Her knowledge of technical integrations and setup together with business experience and know how has been a tremendous asset to the project. 

Martina Terzi 

Born in an Italian city called Livorno, Martina spent her childhood peeling her knees, falling down from the bike and drawing a lot, encouraged by her grandmother who used to give her a lot of crayons!


After she discovered a passion for comic books, she decided to study to become an illustrator at the “Accademia delle Arti Figurative” in Firenze and later to move to the UK and Finland where she started freelancing as a children’s book illustrator. 


In winter 2020 she also attended the professional illustration training course at the VIA University College – The Animation Workshop – in Denmark, Viborg, where she is currently freelancing while drinking a lot of coffee.


Martina did the final book design and formatting.